No More Made in Italy, counterfeit wine WON!!!

No More Made in Italy, counterfeit wine WON!!!

First the Spumante without <origin denomination> and now we have the <unknown origin> wine, thanks to European Commission!

A great news for wine counterfeiting business.

Vino sequestrato contraffatto

In this way we will have no more Made in Italy or Made in France or whatever 100% Made in. Because you won’t need to write the origin of the grapes on the label for international grapes such as: ChardonnayMerlotCabernet and Shiraz.

The European commission want to give to wine makers the possibility to indicate on the label only the production country and not the grapes growing area, for all international grapes.

So, you can create a Chianti with Polish grapes and write on label Made in Italy, you need just to bottling it in Italy. It’s a really great thing, don’t you think so?

"That can be a serious precedent, it can change everything, in other sectors too. Let’s thinking about cheese, oil, fruits, meat and fish. So, no more Made in Italy 100%" – Followine

What does “no Denomination” mean?

It means no guarantee for consumers around the world. That means people will drink something that is different from what they buy. That mean more and more counterfeited wine on the market and less information for consumers. For this reason, Followine is on the side of Coldiretti.

Is the association Coldiretti to talk about this problem for first, in a note about the modification of 607/09 about wine labelling, made by EU Commision and sended to Paliament for its adoption.

«Una scelta grave contro la quale - sottolinea Coldiretti - è necessaria una decisa opposizione dell’Italia a tutela di produttori e cittadini» - Coldiretti

La Coldiretti – The Origins

The name Coldiretti is bounded to Paolo Bonomi who in 1944 founded the association. Nowday the Coldiretti is the biggest sector association in Italy, with more than a 1,5 million memebers.

La Coldiretti – The thinking

«In questo modo sarà possibile fare in “laboratorio” vino italiano - lamenta l’organizzazione agricola - usando vini o mosti provenienti da altri Paesi, come la Spagna, per essere poi venduto specie sui mercati esteri sotto la copertura di simboli e marchi tricolori ma senza alcun legame con i vigneti ed il territorio nazionale. Una situazione che - denuncia la Coldiretti - alimenta le speculazioni in atto sulla vendemmia 2018, con ingiustificate riduzioni a due cifre dei prezzi del vino riconosciuti ai produttori giustificato con l’aumento della produzione che in realtà quest’anno è in linea con la media del decennio» - Coldiretti

In other words, you can create your favourite Italian wine with different grapes and sell it as like as the original one. And we can assure you that is a common thing that happens in Italy and alla round the world. EU Commision are just helping those guys in their illegal work, that could become legal if the parliament accept the modification of the law.

Followine Solution – Protect Wine and Counsumers Followine Solution – Protect Wine and Counsumers

Now we don’t want to spring panic, we want just tell to the world that there is a solution to the problem. A solution that can solve every problem bind to information aspect of the wine, the consumers guarantee and the counterfeit wine too.

Of course, we are talking about Followine, but there are other solutions on the market that promise something similar so, we encourage you to analyze those solutions and find out what Followine is different from others, don’t believe to us.

We Challenge you!

Followine is the only wine anti-counterfeiting eco-system that has at his center the consumer, from our study about the problem we learned that the consumer has to be the main actor of the process and we have to give him all the information that he needs, there is no other way to fight the counterfeit and WIN!

“For those reasons we believe in a solution based on Openness and trustful, like Followine ecosystem, is the only possible way.” - Followine

Followine is not a mere deterrent to counterfeiting, Followine is an entire eco-system that wants to create connections between all wine stakeholders and consumers, in a trustful network based on innovative technologies such as Blockchain.

Thanks to Followine’s algorithm, we will be able to know everything about wine not only the origin and the grapes growing area, moreover we will able to know where and when the counterfeit takes place.

Followine don’t want to fight counterfeiting, Followine Want to Stop IT!

“If you Love it, Followine!”

Fabio Guida

CEO di Followine, quando ha un po' di tempo scrive quattro righe.

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