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Followine is the first and the only anti-counterfeiting eco-system for the wine world based on blockchain technology.

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Followine Mobile APP

Guaranteed Wine
Thanks to a simple scan you can check the authenticity of the wine you are drinking or about to buy. No more forged wine, Followine helps you avoid fakes.
Digital Sommelier
A sommelier always on hand. Amaze your friends with the information you find on the app and check the right food and wine pairing, recommended by our sommelier.
Qr Code
Followine Qr is the fastest free Qr reader ever without advertising. You can scan any qr in a second and check the old scans.
Followine points
Not just a great app, but a new way to make money. Help us to fight counterfeit and receive followine points for each scanned QR, even if not linked to wine.
Your points will be converted to Tokens after the Followine ICO. From that moment, in addition to receiving discounts and prizes, you can exchange tokens in any physical currency or keep them in your wallet as investment.
Followine Family
Is born the largest Italian wine community and soon of the world. Join and be a part of this and start using all Followine advantages. Fight counterfeiting with us and help us to spread wine culture worldwide.
Each vineyard is a story, every grape is a tradition, every bottle of wine is a passion.


Create a global eco-system that connects wine world stakeholders and consumers together, encouraging the realization of new international communication and business models.

Why Followine?

The untold story of forged wine.
Every year counterfeit wine bottles placed on the market and sold reach quite alarming figures, all over the world.
The turnover linked to this offense is just as alarming.

According to the EUIPO study, in Europe alone, confiscated bottles of forged wine has a value of 500 million euros per year.

If we look at all the types of counterfeiting linked to the wine field, direct and indirect damages linked to the wine world market, the estimates exceed € 85 billion.
The numbers are even more alarming when compared to the value of the entire world wine market which stands at 134 billion euros.
The numbers are even more alarming when compared to the value of the entire world wine market which stands at 134 billion euros.

Followine Eco-System

  • Followine is an eco-system that embraces all those involved in the wine world, from producers to consumers, followine is able to fight and beat counterfeiting.
  • The ecosystem is composed of different parts that working in a perfect symbiosis create an effective and efficient anti-counterfeiting system, which focuses not only on the product but also on the Consumer, the true Engine and central pivot of the anti-counterfeiting eco-system.
  • This idea has led to our algorithm, which allowed us to create an anti-counterfeiting service able to evolve and improve day by day and the innovative blockchain technology that has allowed us to achieve high cyber-security standards.
  • Become a part of Followine Family!
    The most important thing to achieve is the loyalty of our customers, wine lovers. By ensuring exclusive benefits and tokens on each scan.
    Protect yourself against forged wine!
    The followine system generates a random and unique code, printed on the label of each bottle of wine and recorded on blockchain.

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    Your favorite wine on the best price
    Choose your favorite wine, Winescanner will take care of finding the best online offer for you.


    The blockchain also allowed us to create the fuel for our Engine, the Wine Coin.
    The consumers, by simply scanning the codes, will get points that will be converted into Tokens that could be used to buy on the wine marketplace of Followine or e-commerce partners, store them in their wallet or convert them into classic currencies.
    Vendors and producers can be paid in tokens that they can use to purchase Followine's services, store them in their wallet or convert them into classic currencies.
    Tokens that will return to Followine will be re-injected into the circuit and redistributed through code scans. In this way we will create token circulating among the biggest number of stakeholders, the first one in the history of the Blockchain.


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