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Thanks to our free mobile app you can scan any QR code really fast.
To find out if a bottle of wine is authentic, simply scan the Followine QR on the rear bottle label.
Each scan has a prize, in order to involve users and thank them for their contribution to the fight against counterfeiting.
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Share your experience

Let us know how the wine you purchased is and what evaluation you would give to that wine, especially if it has maintained the expectations created by marketing campaign or it was higher maybe. Share with the community and help the Producer to improve the wine. Yes, because the producers will be able to read the anonymous feedback and evaluations so he can offer a better and better experience for their customers. In return, you will be rewarded with many Followine points and exclusive prizes awarded by our partners.

Guaranteed Wine

Thanks to a simple scan by your smartphone you can check the authenticity of the wine you are drinking or about to buy. With Followine app, you can receive information related to the originality of the product, its certificates, and the chemical-physical analysis, all in a click. No more counterfeit wine, Followine helps you avoid the fakes!

Any Qr Code

Followine Qr is the fastest free Qr reader ever. You can scan any QR in a moment and check your old scans so you do not lose any information. In addition, our Qr reader has no advertising, so no banners and no videos will disturb the user experience.

Followine Points

Not just a great app, but a new way to earn money. Help us with your scans to fight counterfeit and receive follow-up points for each scanned QR, even if not linked to wine world. Obviously, you will receive more points for wine products, because these scans improve the effectiveness of the system, but we have decided to reward all users for their support also because the goal is to become the reference point for Qr readers. Download the app and start earning.


Points will be converted to Tokens after the Followine ICO. From that moment you can receive exclusive discounts and prizes dedicated to the Followine community. When the Token is listed you can even trade tokens in any physical currency (FIAT). Or you can simply store them in your personal wallet as an investment. If you do not have a wallet yet, you can create one directly from our app thanks to our partners.

Virtual Sommelier

A virtual sommelier always at your fingertips. Amaze your friends with the information you find on Followine app and check the right pairing recommended by our sommelier. Report your favorite wines and share them with the community.

Followine Family

The greatest Italian wine community and soon in the world was born, join in and start utilizing all the advantages offered. Fight counterfeit wine with us and help us to spread wine culture in the world.


Consumers, by simply scanning the QR codes, will get points that will be converted into Tokens.

What can I do with the tokens?

  • Receive exclusive offers
  • Wallet holding
  • Convert them to FIAT
  • Buy wine
  • Purchases on the Followine marketplace
Receive exclusive offers
On the basis of the tokens obtained from the various scans, a higher and higher premium level is acquired, which gives the user the possibility to receive prizes and discounts relating to the great world of food&wine. Please note that for each scanned QR you receive points: 1 point for any QR also not followine one, 10-30 points for a QR Followine, 100-500 points for sending the proof of purchase of the bottle of wine using Followine app.
Wallet holding
You can convert Followine points into Tokens and store them in your wallet. Do not worry if you do not have a wallet yet, you can create one by following the link in our app. Nothing could be simpler!
Convert them to FIAT
Followine tokens can be converted into FIAT (euro, dollars or other currency) at authorized exchanges. What aspects start earning with Followine! (from July 2019)
Buy wine
You can use Followine Tokens to buy your favorite wines online and receive them directly to your home. You can also buy wines not included in the Followine catalog by contacting one of our e-commerce partners. (The list of partners and wines will be released in July 2019)
Purchases on the Followine marketplace
You can buy exclusive Followine wines that you won't find in any other marketplace. You can also buy exclusive gadgets for the Followine community, you will find many fantastic ideas perfect to make a good impression with your friends. (the Followine marketplace will open in October 2019)

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In other words, Followine is a unique service built according to the needs of users, could not be otherwise, because of boys and girls of Followine Team are first of all consumers and then entrepreneurs.



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