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What we do

The use of the latest technologies has allowed us to create an eco-system able to follow the production of wine from the vineyard to the consumer's glass. Thanks to our free app everyone can view this information thanks to the traceability of every single code, generated randomly and unambiguously for each bottle. The technologies used are many: Qr code, NFC, and Blockchain, but what we are most proud of is the decision algorithm that differentiates us from all our competitors, which comes from the know-how acquired in these years spent studying the counterfeiting.

Farming and transformation

We record data on the farming, the origin of the grapes and the transformation processes

Bottling and labeling

We record the geographical and temporal location data

Analysis and certifications

We communicate to consumers the true value of your product by showing the data of all the certifications in your possession, your story and the tradition you are.


If, where and when a sale of your products took place

Why we do it

After years of studies around the world, we have come into contact with different methods of counterfeiting linked to the world of wine, both direct and indirect. We learned an important lesson that even the best system and the best technology are useless if not linked to actions aimed at spreading the culture of the product and an inclusive approach to both the wine stakeholders and wine consumers.

Who we do it for

For all winemakers, it does not matter if you have a local production or export all over the world. Because everyone can benefit from an eco-system able to promote excellence to the final consumer, especially in terms of certification, quality and transparency. Imagine how much it can be beneficial in terms of images, cost reduction and higher earnings, have a control of this information. How many new business opportunities can arise when you enter in the Followine eco-system.


This is a must for us, we have thoroughly studied various types of production processes and we tried to create a flexible system that is able to adapt to any situation possible, from manual production to mass- production. You don't have to adapt to our system Followine will adapt to you and rise with you.


Followine allows all partners to enhance their marketing. Each product can be associated with so much new information (videos, images, links, reviews, tastings, etc ...). So many new wine lovers in the world are waiting to know more about your products and your story.


The transparency offered by Followine represents an added value to your wine, Followine has the goal of being a super partes, an entity to which all consumers in the world can rely on and use to know the details, history, tradition, and passion of every bottle of wine.


Traceability allows the consumer to know the whole path made by each bottle thanks to a simple scan done with the smartphone. Each scan favors the daily improvement of the entire eco-system. A living eco- system, self-sustainable and able to evolve that Followine is.


Thanks to data collected by Followine from users scans every day, we can better profile the wine lovers to create win-win marketing campaigns. Not just targeted marketing, but marketing aimed at retaining the consumer, who will not be overrun by messages, emails and stressful notifications but only by advertising that may involve him and that he likes. Think about how much you can save on advertising if you could send ads only to consumers who are really interested in your products.


Followine is not only able to be a deterrent to counterfeiting, but it is also the only system in the world that is able to locate where and when it happens, and above all is able to trace the hand behind the counterfeiting. This is the added value compared to our competitors and that is why we can claim "to be the only true anti-counterfeiting system in the world of wine".


Each product is connected to a unique code, generated randomly. The activation check of the codes allows avoiding any problem before the product leaves the winery. Once the authentication information has been recorded, it is unmodifiable thanks to the double check on the blockchain. Each scan performed by consumers increases the effectiveness and reliability of the system, which is able to improve and evolve with each scan.


Become a part of Followine does not mean just having a lot of services available to grow your business up but to become part of a virtuous circuit linked to the world of wine. Thanks to Followine tokens, all trades can be made in tokens and thus be safer, faster and more transparent. The benefits are huge and range from tax savings to more secure payments. The ability to accept and make payments in Tokens, the ability to create new networks and business opportunities with e-commerce, resellers, and collectors, thanks to our B2B platform. Followine is simply the future.


In addition tokens can be a great investment source for everyone, since each time they are used, traded, acquired or purchased, the value of the token increases and so, you can sell goods for a token value of € 1,000 and after a few weeks you can exchange those token for Followine services for a value of € 1,200 or exchange them in FIAT (euro, dollars or other current currency). So every partner, every consumer, every customer is both a user of the service and an investor. Think about the same thing was proposed at the time by companies such as Facebook or Apple. It would not be great to receive tokens for every downloaded app or for every Like on Fb. With Followine all that is possible. So, what are you waiting for, jump in!!!

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